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Sip, Savor, and Stay Warm: Must-Try Coffee Shops in Sumner and Bonney Lake, Washington

Winter in the Pacific Northwest brings chilly temperatures and cozy coffee shops that beckon you in from the cold. If you're in the Sumner and Bonney Lake area, we've got a treat for you. In this guide, we'll introduce you to four must-visit coffee shops that will warm your soul on a winter's day. We at Olive Branch: The Home Staging & Design Company recommend these local gems.

Electric Coffee House (Sumner, Washington):

Electric Coffee House is a charming coffee shop in Sumner that offers an inviting atmosphere and a delicious array of coffee beverages. Enjoy their signature espresso drinks, electric entrees, and an assortment of cozy seating options. Olive Branch recommends Electric Coffee House for its unique ambiance and warm service, perfect for meeting friends or savoring a moment of peace.

Craft 19 (Sumner, Washington):

Craft 19 is a local gem that prides itself on serving craft coffee and house-made crepes. Their cozy environment makes it a great place to relax with a hot cup of coffee on a winter day. Olive Branch suggests Craft 19 as the ideal spot to unwind and recharge while enjoying the cafe's warm environment.

Lamppost Coffee Roasters (Bonney Lake, Washington):

Nestled in Bonney Lake, Lamppost Coffee is a coffee lover's haven. This family-owned coffee shop is known for its warm and friendly service, which pairs perfectly with their expertly roasted coffee. Olive Branch endorses Lamppost Coffee for its welcoming atmosphere, making it an excellent place for a comforting coffee break during your day.

Ben's Espresso (Bonney Lake, Washington):

Ben's Espresso is a beloved local coffee stand that captures the essence of the Pacific Northwest. They're known for their delightful array of coffee drinks and friendly baristas. Olive Branch recognizes Ben's Espresso as a convenient stop for a quick and satisfying coffee, perfect for when you're on the go.

When the winter winds blow through Sumner and Bonney Lake, you can find warmth, comfort, and excellent coffee at these four must-try coffee shops. Electric Coffee House, Craft 19, Lamppost Coffee Roasters, and Ben's Espresso each offer their unique charm and delicious brews that will make your winter days cozier. Olive Branch: The Home Staging & Design Company recommends these local favorites as the perfect places to enjoy a warm and welcoming coffee experience during the cold season.

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